Saturday, April 25, 2015

Grandma's Prayer

"O God our Father, whom to know and serve is to find joy, abundant and eternal. Grant that we may grow into such complete devotion to thee that our joy may be fresh and full every day. Bless our Pastor and his family as they help us to understand and offer us a comforting hand as we study thy word. Bless each one of our congregation. Father be with each one of us that we may use our talents to spread Thy word. In Jesus name we ask it. Amen"  - Prayer found in Norma Alatha Atwood's Bible dated May 22. 
My maternal Grandmother would be 100 years old today. It's hard to believe that she has been gone for almost 15 years now. I found the prayer above in some old papers I had saved. It had been in her Bible and is in her handwriting. The only notation is the date, "May 22." I can only guess what it's significance was. Maybe my Aunt or Mom might know more about it.

I imagine Grandma writing this prayer out, thinking about what she wanted to say both to God and to those who would hear it. I think she would have said it at a bible study or ladies' meeting. Maybe she found these words someplace else and wrote them out on a paper to share with others. Maybe they were written down and placed in her Bible to be read often in her private prayer time. I'll never know but I'm drawn to the words, especially these, "Grant that we may grow into complete devotion to thee that our joy may be fresh and full every day." I can relate to that desire.

It's the end of a long work week. I'm tired and feel a little beaten down. What I need is a joy that is fresh and full to quench my parched soul, to remind me that God is near. Did Grandma understand this longing in her own life and in the lives o those around her? Did she want to help each one who heard that prayer to understand that God's grace is new every morning. Grandma's words written many years ago, speak to me today. I'm always thankful for her place in my life, today I'm thankful for some simple words on a scrap of paper. Happy Birthday, Grandma. Thank you for our love, your faith and your legacy.

Grandma and me